Handmade – RFID Lock
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Tactical Gun Shelf  – High Quality Features

2nd Amendment RFID Firearms Concealment Shelf Features

Our 2nd Amendment Concealment Shelves  – RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) locking Firearm  are one of the safest and easiest ways to hide your guns, money, jewelry, documents and other valuables. Stylish in any decor, it appears like any other floating shelf while securely hiding your firearms and valuables in plain sight. There are no clumsy  combinations or buttons to push. Simply swipe one of the two included magnetic cards, across the top of the mantle and the magnetic lock releases to open the hidden compartment instantly in a smooth dampened motion. With the 2nd Amendment tactical locking system, your firearms and other valuables are protected, and still can be accessed in seconds. The perfect solution for keeping items readily available for home security while safely hidden from prying eyes. Proudly made in the USA.




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